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Now you can see the status of your grouped promotions

3 julio, 2018

Now you can visualize the evolution of all the reserves of the different products that participate in the same promotion in a grouped way, you can analyze and make comparisons between the products of the same promotion and other similar promotions.

Access the same reports that you had for each promotion but in a grouped form (day, hour, delivery point, provinces, estimates, distribution, participants, etc.) with% by product of the promotion

And all broken down by channel, seeing the recovered reserves that would have been lost with another platform in real time ( as we saw on this website).

Synergia has unique solutions such as the reserve recovery system, which allows us to increase the volume of reserves by up to 13.5%, solutions that we now complement with new functionalities so that these reserves are effective and turn into sales reducing the redemption of the promotions.

Through the system of recovery of reserves not only increase the volume of sales, but we guarantee the quality of service provided to readers, loyalty, ensuring their attention and avoiding unwanted complaints while improving the brand image.

We guarantee 100% of the attention to all readers who try to contact the Customer Service Center of the promotional action, regardless of the channel used and the reason. All readers who have some kind of problem to make their reservation by voice or SMS, or are not taken care of at the time of making a query, communicating an incident or making reservations, are called by telephone by our Customer Service in three different times to locate you and satisfy your need.

We professionalize the Customer Service in the promotions facilitating the contact of the reader to attend any need related to the promotion, increasing the perceived transparency to equate it with a standard purchase.