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Sinergia Center, in Granada, our club of the month

3 julio, 2018

This month we go to Granada to discover the ym of the month.  Sinergia is a personal training center based on health and performance from a comprehensive perspective. The gym is involved in each person individually, knowing the concerns of the partners and their initial physical situation as a starting point.

For Sinergia, the individualized, exclusive and private treatment is its way of working. In fact, according to the center itself, it is that same personal and individualized treatment that makes Sinergia different from other sports centers. They emphasize the following: “not only we train, but we educate and we teach why to do the things of a way”.

The main services of Centro Sinergia are the adapted personal training, the HIIT circuits of 4 people and the integral muscular electrostimulation. The sports center combines all these trainings to obtain the desired results with each partner.

Life Fitness gym machines from Centro Sinergia
Centro Sinergia has equipment for Life Fitness gym machines. The decision to choose these gym machines makes it very clear: “for the reliability of a great brand, the variety of its products and the facilities that its commercial team put us from the first day”.

The center has cardio machines of the Integrity series (Lifecycle Bike, Treadmill, Cross-Trainer) dedicated to support the personal training directed in all the rooms.

They also chose to get a Synrgy360 to enhance personal training and in small groups. In his own words, “the goal was to have a robust structure and at the same time flexible to be able to make more consistent training and adapted to each step.”

Thanks to personal and individualized training,  Sinergia ensures that all Life Fitness gym machines are used regularly.

In Sinergia Center consider that the integral work is the trend of fitness more on the rise. HIIT circuits and high intensity training with postural control and movement.

It is evident that in Centro Sinergia they bet on personal training, both in the treatment and in the gym machines chosen to equip their center. The option of having a Synrgy360 and the success obtained confirm that it is one of the best options when it comes to training both individually and in a small group.