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3 julio, 2018

In a world as globalized as this one that we have to inhabit, it is generalized and intense the feeling that everything works on the basis of rules that are practically unknown to us and, in which, there is no possibility of intervening.

All things are happening according to an unchanging succession of events that, shortly after, will be threshed and interpreted by experts who, after a series of reflections, will tell us how the future will inevitably be.

This developed world, which seems so very complicated, can be defined, without fear of being too wrong, as a great economic system based on the consumption of material goods. A large market governed by two giant forces, supply and demand, which are behind each of the great events of history. Everything, in this complex first world, is governed, ultimately, by maintaining the balance between the two. A machine to create needs and produce answers, which obviates the great human principles that seek the realization of the individual, solidarity and the search for a better world that satisfies the true needs of all its inhabitants, without compromising the development of future generations .

However, each of us are potential customers of the multitude of products that are offered to us every day. We are part of that great mass that determines the benefits of the large multinationals. For them we do not have a face, only a profile, a segment of the population, a set of consumption habits, some “needs” to satisfy and other new ones to create. And perhaps this, which, a priori, seems very negative to us, is, precisely, the sharpest of our weapons.

If as an individual I can know the repercussion of my choices, I can choose more freely the type of political actions, technologies as Eurobyte and the way of occupying the territory and the business strategies that I want to favor and in which I do not want to participate. I can group and even form a network. It is then when a great demand is constituted to attend. A critical mass, conscious and responsible for its actions that, in one way or another, will be heard, understood and answered.

For this to be possible, a clear vision of the functioning of this world of ours is necessary.

In these days, in which it is so difficult to earn a decent living, with so many commitments, obligations, aspirations and goals; we need a time for reflection. In this context, we energetically claim the power of the individual, the group and the network. We want to insist on the potential of the possession of the necessary and accurate information, of the exchange of information; and its power to allow us to decide the society in which we want to live and find out how to change what does not do us good. We argue by force of imagination, curiosity, research, the illusion to be better and build a more friendly and less aggressive in which to be happy. To that positive energy that has made humanity rise after falling, a clean and renewable energy.